Why Car Insurance is Important for Accident Repairs

It is a legal requirement to have car insurance in Ireland and all over the world. It really is important that you understand and know exactly what your cover includes and whether you are choosing the right policy. It is designed to protect you and your vehicle when you most need it. It is essential as it will cover your costs in the event of any damage to a vehicle, or injuries to other passengers, drivers, and pedestrians. There are three categories of car insurance:

  • Third party – It covers any injury to other people and damage to others property. It isn’t always the cheapest option.

  • Third party, fire and theft – It is very similar to third party, but it will also cover the cost of a replacement vehicle or repairs if yours has been damaged by fire or stolen.

  • Comprehensive – It is the highest level of cover you can get. It will protect you against damage to your car as well as any accident that may involve other people. It can very often include legal expenses, and a courtesy vehicle, sometimes this can be come with extra costs.

Comprehensive insurance policies are worth the extra money to ensure that you are completely assured if an accident does occur as you will need to get repairs performed on your vehicle. Here I am going to discuss and offer some helpful tips as to why car insurance is important for accident repairs:

  • Conveniently arranges the recovery of your vehicle after an accident if needed

If you have been involved in a car accident, it is important to ring your insurance company and they will arrange for your vehicle to towed away if it is not drivable. There is usually a free assistance service set up with your brokers. Fully comprehensive cover will ensure a recovery service is granted.


  • Comprehensive car insurance covers for all car repairs

Comprehensive car insurance provides a very high level of protection as any damage to your vehicle resulting from an accident, a fire, or even theft and repairs etc will be covered by your insurers. All damage to your vehicle and any injuries to you are covered which may include car bodily injury and property damage. This policy offers you peace of mind in knowing that if you have been involved in an accident all costs of repairs or replacing your vehicle will be covered by your insurer, especially if you have a new car or even an expensive one.

  • If your car has been written off, the insurance company will pay out the market value of the car

If you have been in a car crash and your vehicle has suffered some damage, your insurer will consider the repair costs and if there are uneconomical, generally around 50% of the vehicle’s value, then this will be classified as a “write off”. Your insurer will keep the motor and you will receive a cash pay-out for your loss, this is usually the market value of the motor. The market value means, what price the vehicle would have sold for at a dealership before it got damaged. However, in these circumstances, the company will exclude the policy excess amount from your value.

  • Without insurance, you could end up in debt

Many people can run into financial difficulty in the aftermath of a motor accident. Driving without insurance is completely illegal. You could face fines, penalty points, and even lose your driver’s licence. If an accident is your fault and you have no insurance, you will have to pay your debts out of your own pocket. You will be responsible for your own repairs and the other injured party’s car repairs also. This could lead you to money troubles, possible bankruptcy, and not been able to pay off your debts.

  • Minor damages are also covered by your insurer

Comprehensive insurance usually covers all types of damage to your vehicle even minor damages, regardless of whether it was your fault or not. If you have been in a car accident, it is vital you tell your insurance company right away. If the vehicle is deemed repairable, then the repairs will only be completed by the approved repairer.

  • Accident Repair Companies Send Direct Billing to Insurance Companies

Various insurance companies will have their own repair companies that they want to choose for your motor to be repaired if it is necessary, this will keep the costs to a minimum. Through the repair process, the accident repairs team company will work on your car and bring it back to pre-accident condition. There will be a full evaluation made on the cost and the bill will be sent to your insurance company for hassle-free direct billing.

  • Legal costs are also covered by your insurer

If you or another driver has been injured in a car accident and your car is uninsured, your Car Insurance Providers Online may be liable to pay out legal costs for court proceedings, etc if someone has made a claim against you. Once the claim process has started, your claims handler or insurance company will look after your case and they will be in correspondence with you directly. In other cases, if you were in a car accident and it was your fault and you had no insurance you may be liable to pay for the legal fees out of your own pocket.

Unfortunately, the occurrence of a car accident is quite common on our Irish roads and these situations can be very stressful for all drivers and people involved in the accident. Thus, having car insurance is vital to you and others around you.

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