Frequently asked questions

Do you guarantee the repair work? 

Yes, Carcraft guarantees all body and paint work to the manufacturers warranty.

My Vehicle Manufacturer Dealer said I must have accident repairs undertaken by a dealer bodyshop or my warranty will be invalidated. Is this true? 

No. All the products we use are manufacturer approved and we can undertake work to any make of vehicle and you can stay safe in the knowledge that all of our work is guaranteed for the life-time you own the vehicle.


I had some other damage on my car before my insurance claim can you fix that?

When dealing with Insurance claims, we are only able to undertake the work which has been approved by the Insurance Company paying for the repairs. Additional work required will be at owners expense.

Will you carry out any other work I would like doing at the same time? 

Yes. It is cost effective to have additional work carried out at the same time as another repair, some of the processes do not need to be done twice reducing the cost.

If I was to provide parts will you spray them and fit them? 

Yes, This is not a problem as long as they are original manufacturers parts. If they are Non OEM parts we will still fit them and spray them but cannot guarantee them.

Do you provide replacement cars? 

Yes we provide replacement cars when needed.

When my car is returned to me does it need protection from the rain? 

No, The paintwork on the car is fully baked in our oven and is completely dry so water will not affect it.

Is colour matching a problem? 

No, We use Standox paint which has accurate colour matching and coverage. The paint is mixed by computer formula and is aided by a Photospectrometer which reads several samples of the paint on the car and reformulates to account for fading and age.